Friday, December 09, 2011

[Daily Photo] Sunset at Huron riverside

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I was taking photos along Huron River last evening. The Huron River is a long river in southeastern Michigan. It passes through Ann Arbor and luckily I live close to it. The temperature in the evening was about 0 degree Celsius. To keep my hands warm, I brought a heat pack(暖暖包) with me. However, it was not hot enough to warm my hands. And I couldn't always put my hands in my pockets, because I had to hold the camera and the tripod. I look forward to receiving the wireless shutter remote control I bought on eBay, so I can take a photos with my hands in pockets.

Sunset at Huron Riverside


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    hi Shu-Hung Liu,
    My name is Benny Yip from Toronto. I happened to see this beautiful picture that you took along the Huron River. I am working for a design company in Toronto and I have a project working for a developer Village Green in US. They are building an apartment call Ann Arbor City Apartment which located at Ann Arbor downtown. And I would like to use this picture for the brochure. Just wonder may I buy this picture for the usage? Would you mind to let me know whether you would be interested?


    1. Hi Benny,
      Sure. Could you let me know the SIZE of the image you require, and how many brochures do you expected to print. Please e-mail the info to meraccoon[at]

      Thank you!

      Shu-Hung Liu


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