Thursday, June 28, 2012

[Daily Photo] Beautiful water fountain at Boston Common and Massachusetts State House / 波士頓公園的噴水池和麻州議會

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I was visiting the famous Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts. I took this photo from the first spot of Freedom Tail --- Boston Common. The building in the background with gold dome is Massachusetts State House, which is the second spot of Freedom Trail. I figured out this composition right after I arrived at Bostion Common. However, after setting up my tripod, tourists kept coming out of nowhere to this water fountain, playing with water just in front of me, especially kids. It took almost 20 minutes to complete all the shots I wanted.

這裡是波士頓有名的「自由步道」的起點 --- 波士頓公園。背景有著金色圓頂的建築是「麻州議會」。當天正逢周末,遊客眾多;正當我架設好腳架準備拍照時,總是有頑皮的小孩會擋在我面前玩水,我等了20分鐘才等到一個沒有人在玩水的空檔,拍下這張照片。

Beautiful water funtain at Bostin Common and Massachusetts State House / 波士頓公園的噴水池和麻州議會

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