Monday, June 11, 2012

[Daily Photo] Bee and peony 2 / 蜂與芍藥

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I posted a photo of "Bee and peony" two weeks ago. This is another photo I took on the same day. Although the bee is smaller than the one in the previous photo, it still match perfectly with the peony.

兩星期前我發表過一張「蜜蜂與牡丹花」的照片,這張照片也是同一天拍攝的。照片中的蜜蜂雖然比前一張的小,卻也不失風采。上網查了資料才發現原來「芍藥」和「牡丹」英文都是同一個字peony。二者的不同之處在於牡丹是木本植物,長的像樹;而芍藥是早本植物,沒有明顯的樹幹。所以牡丹的英文也有人稱為tree peony.

Bee and peony 2 / 蜂與芍藥

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