Monday, April 30, 2012

[Daily Photo] Port Huron Steam Engine / 農用蒸汽引擎

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I went to Greenfield Village next to the Henry Ford Museum (in Dearborn, Michigan) last week. They collect and preserve many old-time agricultural equipment in the village just like this one -- the Port Huron Steam Engine, a steam-power tractor made by the Port Huron Engine & Thresher Company. It can generate from 19 - 65 horsepower. Farmers used it to power their machine or pull/push farm equipment.

在汽油引擎尚未普及前,美國農夫使用這種蒸氣引擎來拖曳或驅動大型農具。此照片拍攝於密西根州亨利福特集團所屬的Greenfield Village。

Port Huron Steam Engine / 農用蒸汽引擎

I found the following footage on YouTube from Captkordite showing how this engine works.

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